photo of the dress worn by Katie Price to the 2009 EJAF Academy Awards Viewing Party Sticky post

This Devil Wore Lloyd Klein, (twice) but, Which Dress Did She Wear Best?

Katie Price pictured wearing Lloyd Klein


REALITY STRUCK TWICE when Katie Price aka Jordan, Britain’s Most Infamous Reality TV Star came “Stateside” to attend the Elton John AIDS Foundation Annual Hollywood Ho-Down for Oscar in 2009 she chose to wear a Lloyd Klein Gown for the evening. The morning following her night hobnobbing with the Stars of Hollywood the headlines in the UK were all about her and her dress. After getting rave shouts outs from the British press citing her “Chav Glam” and for looking tasteful which is a compliment that she allegedly rarely received for her earlier fashion choices. wrote that Katie Price arrived to the event looking ” Elegant in Black“. Two years later, in 2011, she came back to the designer, this time without her long-suffering husband, Peter Andre (the nicest man in the world) and without her long Raven mane, opting instead to go platinum “Barbie blonde” for her revisit to the EJAF shindig. This time around, she chose a low-cut super short flirty party dress instead of the more appropriate long gown that the dress code begged for. This caused the protocol driven British Press to declare a fashion faux pas. So, while we agree that the dress was perhaps too flirty for such a stately evening. (Just for the record we suggested that she opt for the long gown that Lloyd had suggested for her. But just like Lola, whatever Katie wants, Katie gets.) Nevertheless, we think she looked smashing in the dress and would have gotten thumbs up instead of claws down if she’d worn the number to a cocktail party instead of the gala.

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